Stink Studios

Creep Fake

Creative Direction - Art Direction

Meet a vill(ai)nous version of yourself this Halloween.

Creep Fake is a Stink Studios R&D project exploring the creative and technical possibilities of combined Gen-AI technologies.
Those who dare use the experience, are invited to take a selfie before their evil twin introduces themselves. 
They can then have a text chat with their Creep Fake before it suddenly bursts on screen with a jump-scare.

Creep Fake was made with a unique blend of different AI technologies — our own Frankenstein’s monster. 
Starting with MidJourney, we generated hundreds of AI horror portraits before hand picking the most terrifying. 
We then used Replicate to pick up a random image from a bank of 13 portraits and merge it with the user’s selfie to produce their final Creep Fake image.